Why myVitali?


myVitali® is the key to independence and self-determination at an advanced stage of one's life. The system is integrated into people's homes and offers emergency calls, monitors vital signs, and controls information and supply services, thus providing the security of total care. 

Automatically collected vital data such as blood pressure, blood sugar or weight provide the basis for health prevention and support in the case of a disease.

myVitali® gives feedback regarding the vital values, provides assistance in achieving one's health objectives and alerts doctors or other contact persons in case of an exceptional situation.
An intuitive and playful interaction design makes for  a unique and enjoyale user experience - the system is a lifestyle product rather than a telehealth device.

TV, PC or touchscreen may be used as terminals, which makes myVitali adaptable to the preferences and skills of each user.


Our Goal


Stay healthy with adequate nutrition and regular exercises!
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"In emergencies there's someone who knows" - If you wish, a contact person is informed via the system.
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Networking and integration

“Help from experts or trusted persons” – Trusted third parties are informed if certain values or thresholds are exceeded.
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Motivation and success

“Support and motivation” – Vitali helps you to persevere and reach your goals.
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Therapy support

"Quality of life despite disease" - Independence and self-determination despite of health restrictions.
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