Designed to Meet Industry Needs

“ANT was designed to solve real problems – and it does.  It is the lightest protocol available that still has the ability to scale into complex network topologies and communication methods.  This means that ANT can achieve lower cost and lower power, the most important criteria in mobile personal monitoring technology. ANT achieves this by closely matching the varying requirements of devices in a network to the resources used, right down to the simplest devices.  ANT finds its efficiency in scalability and dynamic range while competitive protocols are heavier in meeting the base requirements.”
                                         Rod Morris, Director, ANT Wireless

ANT is:

  • Compact (small stacksize)
  • Scalable (supports complex network topologies)
  • Flexible (supports ad hoc network reconfiguration)
  • Focused (not a standard development organization)
  • Proven (millions of nodes delivered)

Interoperability Advantage

ANT delivers off-the-shelf interoperability via the ANT+ managed network and the member companies of the open ANT+ Alliance.  ANT+ specifies data communication profiles and interoperation processes to guarantee seamless communication between ANT products for collection, automatic transfer and tracking of sensor data.

Meeting Demands

In an April, 2007 Economist report, US based analysts Harbor predicted that over 300 million wireless sensors will ship in 2010. With this significant gain in the ultra-low power wireless market projected, the need for practical wireless solutions becomes obvious. ANT’s proven technology and ANT+ interoperability function will greatly impact this defined market as it is perfectly suited for the applications that will drive its growth.